Ben is a puck-moving D-man who is calm with the puck and capable of using his feet to escape pressure. He is looking forward to playing with new kids and competing against some of the best players in North America.

Pacey has been playing hockey since he was three-years-old. From Thunder Bay, Ontario, one of his biggest accomplishments is playing for Team Minnesota in the Brick Invitational last summer. A forward who likes to score goals and make good plays, Pacey’s dad and grandfather are his biggest hockey influences. They both have played at a high level of hockey and give him great advice.

“I am looking forward to playing in the tournament with some of my friends from other cities,” Pacey said. “Also, I am looking forward to going to the Hockey Hall of Fame because I have never been there before.”

Kayla is a responsible defenseman who moves the puck well. She is focused on improving her foot speed and her shot and is excited about this opportunity competing against a high level of competition. She looks forward to making friends with more of her hockey peers.

Jamie has been playing hockey since he was a toddler. Lucky for him, his Dad builds a rink in the back yard every winter, where Jamie spends many, many hours perfecting his moves and sharpening his skills.

A New England native who plays center, Jamie loves to watch the Boston Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron for his face-off skills, play-making ability and work ethic.

Jamie is really excited to meet his HHOF teammates and to share the ice with some of the best players from his age group.

She was going to be our little ballerina but at three-years-old, Emily stood still in dance class with her arms crossed. Stubbornly, she left class and proclaimed, “I was going to be an ice hockey player!” and the rest is history. She fell in love with the game and never looked back.  At 11-years-old she is a 5-foot-5 power forward and her ultimate goal is to play on the USA women’s national team someday.

Aside from some amazing coaches that helped her get where she is today, she is inspired but Hilary Knight, who not only is an amazing leader and skilled hockey player but most importantly, a great role model for young girls who want to play hockey.

Emily is looking forward to playing with highly-skilled players from around the world, meeting new friends and checking out the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Lauren considers herself to have a hybrid goaltending style. she never quits on a chance or play, and will stand on her head for her team to win. She loves to compete and the bigger the game, the better. Which is great, because she’ll see plenty of that at the HHOF Invitational this year.

“Competing in front of big crowds, supporting my team, meeting new friends and having fun,” she said.

Avery is an agile forward who loves to play hockey and you can often find her shooting on or against her younger sister, who also plays hockey. Avery’s favorite player is Sidney Crosby and she is looking forward to being drafted, playing with different people from all over the world.

Falling in love with the game of hockey, Aaron quickly put hockey first on his list of many sports he plays. Hard work, commitment and drive have allowed Aaron to continue to develop his game as a well-rounded defensemen.

“Erik Karlsson is a player I admire because of his skating and passing which is something I work on a lot, so I can move the puck to my teammates,” said Aaron.

He’s excited to meet all the great players, make new friendships and looking forward to going to the HHOF.

A.J. likes to play at a fast pace. Keep up or you might get left behind because he likes good competition, making quality passes and never giving up goals. His brother has been a sterling example for A.J. on developing a work ethic and persevering.

“My older brother Dylan,” said A.J. “He always works hard and has really had to practice a lot to make the teams he wanted to make.”

A.J. is most excited about playing in the games and the challenge of playing with new kids, learning to play with them.

Riley has been skating since she was two-years-old. She is a leader both on and off the ice, and her passion and drive for the game is endless. She dreams of playing in the NWHL someday and to help grow women’s hockey.

Riley’s favorite player is Sidney Crosby. His skill and ability to make everyone around him better is inspiring and Riley hopes to emulate his skill and character.

Riley is looking forward to playing with some of the best female hockey players at her age and making new friendships.