Maddox is a hard worker who tries his best and is always looking to improve his game on and off the ice. His goal is to one day play in the NHL and be as quick as his favorite player, Connor McDavid.

Maddox‘s biggest hockey influence is his coach, Joe Minnix. Coach Joe has pushed Maddox to be the best player and person that he can be for the past five seasons. Maddox loves the high level of hockey that Coach Joe demands and attributes his growth and development to the dedication of his coach.

Maddox is very excited about the HHOF Invitational and is looking forward to meeting new people while enjoying an awesome experience.

The only thing Jacoby wanted for his fifth birthday was real goalie pads and the rest is history. Jacoby loves being a difference-maker and giving his team a chance to win every game.

He’s a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan despite being an East Coast kid and when he’s not in the net he still skates out in the spring and likes to show off his Datsyukian dangles!

Jacoby’s favorite goalies are Dominik Hasek and Jimmy Howard. Hasek because of his unique style and Howard because of his battle level — and those stylish “fire” pattern leg pads.

The young goaltender is looking for ward to meeting and get to know all the kids from around North America that he’s played against for the last few years.

Jaxon has had a love for hockey as long as he can remember. He started skating at two-years-old and wanted to be the fastest on the ice. He spends many hours practicing his skills and is always trying to improve his game. His speed and game sense are his strongest attributes on the ice.

Jaxon’s goal is to play at his highest level of hockey, hoping to one day play in the WHL or NCAA Division-I, and dreams to make it to the NHL.

The biggest hockey influence in Jaxon’s world is his Dad, as they have spent countless hours together working on his game on and off the ice. His Dad has helped coach him throughout the years and has taught him not only how to be skilled on the ice, but the lessons of being a good person off the ice.

The Winnipeg Jets’ Nikolaj Ehlers is who Jaxon tries to emulate on the ice because of his speed and how smart he his with the puck.

Jaxon really looking forward to playing along side other skilled hockey players and making some new memories!

A good two-way player, Isabella plays strong in both ends of the rink as a center. She’s got her aspirations set high — like 37,000 feet high — as she hopes to be a pilot as well as attend Harvard University all while striving to play hockey as long as she can. Lots of goal for this Burnaby, Ontario native, keeping it all in perspective as well.

“In sports, things don’t always go how we plan it, but I never give up!” Isabella said.

Lyndsey Fry, silver medalist with the 2014 U.S. Olympic team, has been Isabella’s coach for two years, providing plenty of knowledge and inspiration for the young forward.

“I have dreamed of playing for Team Canada since I was three-years-old,” Isabella said. “She inspired me to do well in school because I want to also go to Harvard and play hockey there.”


Stryker likes to make plays with his speed and high compete level. He prides himself on working hard in all areas of the game. He believes being coachable is a key characteristic and to put your team above yourself.

“My biggest hockey influences are Patrick Kane, Pavel Datsyuk, and Auston Matthews,” Stryker said. “Kane for his play making, Datsyuk for his hands, and Matthews for his all-around game, and for proving kids can come from anywhere and still make it to the NHL.”

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Stryker is one-of-two players from the Dallas Stars Elite program participating in this year’s HHOF Future Legends Invitational.

“I am looking forward to seeing friends, making new friends and challenging myself against great hockey players,” he said. “I’m also excited to learn from great coaches while at the tournament.”

She may be small, but coaches say Taylor plays like she’s 6-foot-10. A tough and fast-skating left winger, Taylor started skating at three-years-old and began playing hockey four years later. Her grandfather, 10-year NHL veteran John Wensink, has had quite the impact on Taylor’s young career.

“My grandpa reminds me to work hard,” she said. “I look up to him because he was a good teammate and he never gave up.”

“Whenever anyone asks me if I like hockey, I tell them, ‘I was born to play hockey!'” Ella said. “Getting good grades in school and being a good hockey player are my priorities. As a player, I am physical and I like to move the puck.”

On her fifth birthday, Ella’s dad took her to Learn To Skate classes for the first time. Ever since then he has been her best coach and biggest fan. Ella’s teammates also help her be a better leader and hockey player.

“I am excited to play challenging hockey with strong girls from all over, make new friends and meet new coaches,” she said. “I think the team draft event and going to the Hockey Hall of Fame will be a lot of fun.”

Cole enjoys the east coast lifestyle in Porters Lake, NS where he lives with his mom, dad and big sister Emily. He’s known for his explosive speed on the ice as well as a natural ability to read the play and create scoring opportunities.

He has had great success with Team Quebec Brick, NS Prospects and Team Atlantic. His goal is to receive a scholarship and education while playing the game he loves. Cole is excited and honored to be given the opportunity to be a HHOF Future Legend. He’s looking forward to playing hockey, having fun and meeting new friends.

Caden is the happiest when he’s on the ice. He loves to play and train. He also enjoys scoring and setting up his teammates to score as well. It feels awesome when you can make it work as a team. However, we’re not sure any feeling tops meeting your hockey idol.

“Patrick Sharp was the first hockey player I looked up to,” Caden said. “He inspired me to play hockey. I was able to tell him this a few months ago [when I met him]. He also noticed I wear number 10 in his honor. It was the best day ever.”

Caden is excited to meet and play with kids from all over, and thinks it will be exciting to play on a team with kids he has  played against throughout the years.

“I have grown up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, putting on my first pair of skates when I was 2 years of age,” Owen said. “Ever since, I have just loved the game and enjoy spending as much time on the ice with friends as I can.”

Taught to play the right way, Owen prides himself on playing a full 200-foot game and loves to set up his teammates as much as scoring his own goals.

His dad has been the biggest influence in hockey so far, as the two spend a ton of time together both on and off the ice.

“He has made a backyard rink every year and that is where we spend as much time as we can together,” Owen said. “I have been able to watch my dad work with his University team and be around the players so I have been able see how elite players prepare and train.”

I am looking forward to meeting and playing with players from all around North America. This will be a great challenge and will make me a better player.